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Control Operator Chairs for Various Mining & Building Operations - such as Stackers/Reclaimers/Cranes

When control operators have to spend their working days in a small cabin high up on a structure, you would want them to be comfortable, and have easy access to all the control joysticks, pushbuttons and instrumentation they need to be efficient and effective in their job.

Micromation have designed and installed these operator control stations/chairs, and are able to eqjuipment the stations with any controls and instrumentation you would need.

The units are locally (South African) manufactured, which means that you do not have a run-away budget situation due to the falling Rand rate of exchange.

Typical Specifications



Item Description Number Units
1 Overall Chair Assembly Width 1093 mm
2 Overall Chair Assembly Length 1043 mm
3 Overall Assembly Height 1137 mm
4 Equipment Boxes Width 207 mm
5 Equipment Boxes Length 604 mm
6 Equipment Boxes Height 456 mm
7 Chair Overall Width 570 mm
8 Width of the Chair Between Armrests 480 mm
9 Chair Overall Length 790 max. mm
10 Maximum Length for the Assembly with Chair fully reclined 1043 mm
11 Suspension Stroke 80 mm
12 Height & Slope Adjustment 65 mm
13 Automatic Weight Adjustment 50 - 130 Kg
14 Backrest Adjustment 32 Degrees
15 Horizontal (backwards & forwards) Adjustment 180 mm
16 Seat Mass 30 Kg
17 Maximum Permissible Shock Loading Assuming 130Kg Operator 3 G
18 Chair includes Adjustable Armrests 2 Armrests
19 Chair includes Adjustable Headrest 1 Headrest
20 Chair includes Adjustable Backrest 1 Backrest
21 Chair Fixing Hole Centres 216 x 280/325 mm
22 Chair Suspension Methodology Air  
23 Chair Covering Material "A" Grade Vinyl
24 Height of the Base  270 mm
25 Width of the Base 1093 mm
26 Length of the Base  350 mm
27 Swivel Adjustment Overall Length 360 mm
28 Swivel Adjustment Overall Width 252 mm
29 Swivel Adjustment Height (excluding bracket height) 30 mm
30 Swivel Rotation Angle 360 Degrees
31 Swivel Rotation Lock Positions (Other Options Available) 1 Position
32 Swivel Adjustment Lock Handle 1 Handle

Adaptability and Flexibility

Because the units are locally designed and manufactured, we can therefore "tailor make" the units to meet your exact specifications.   You do not have to try to make your requirements fit our product line!

If required, we can add electronics and PLC type functionality to our Control Stations.

 Micromation Systems Existing Installations

Micromation has already installed two Operator Control Stations/Chairs in ESKOM's Medupi  Power Station, used in their Stacker and Reclaimer  plant.

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