SoftRisk Emergency Management Software

Plan for, and Manage :-  Emergencies, Day-to-Day Operations, and Major Incidents

The SoftRisk emergency management software system is an investment in preparation. Develop plans and procedures and archive historical data to enhance the decision making process for future incidents.
By recording previous incidents the user is able to fully examine previous actions and capabilities and prepare appropriately for future events.

The integrated database capabilities along with word processing, graphic files and mapping in a seamless fashion, provides the user with a powerful tool for day-to-day information management. The open design and flexibility provides unlimited potential to increase efficiency in managing plans and related data, managing emergency operations, standardizing data collection and reporting, and managing logistical support data.

The required information is readily available, while related data is linked and easily added to an event. This includes but is not limited to status and situation reports, messages, deployment of personnel and resources, graphics and maps.

Features :-

Single or multiple operators networked together.

Data Capture screen with:

Track assets and personnel.

Automatically Log changes made to Resources Management, Personnel Management, Incident Status and Incident Severity.

Run reports using the standard reporting system or customized reports for given events or incidents.

Search any database table using a "query by example" form or the structured query language "SQL", allowing the user to search for virtually any information being stored in the SoftRisk System.

Link and view external databases for required information such as word processing files, graphic files (including Auto CAD) and video clips, without having to import the database into the system.

View HTML files through a browser, useful for plans, procedures and checklists.

Full GIS integration: Customize pertinent information with the integrated mapping to locate shelter, routes and resources.

Using an INCIDENT CENTRIC DESIGN, SoftRisk consists of twelve main tables, which link to an additional eighty-four sub-tables. This design allows the operator to share critical information from one position to another.
All SoftRisk products have been developed using Microsoft development tools and the proven Access database engine.
SoftRisk also has the ability to be customized by the user, and allows other data to be imported from their current database to the SoftRisk System.
With SoftRisk, the word processing program being used is not program sensitive as long as the program is on the user's system.

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