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  Overview of e911Pro

911CAD-Pro is a computer assisted call-taking and radio-dispatching program designed primarily for Police, Metro Police, Public Safety agencies, Security companies and Ambulance Control centres.

Designed originally to be easily understood, and very simple to operate, yet have powerful logging and search engine facilities, the software found favour with those agencies using operators with little computer skills.    In addition, it was found to be very favourably accepted by volunteers, who did not have the time or the inclination to be trained on sophisticated "all singing and dancing" software packages .

This ancestor of this software was originally released in 1993 as a DOS-based program called 911Help. A Windows-based version was released in October 1997, and was basically a straightforward Windows adaptation of a DOS-based program. 

In March 2002, a major upgrade, called e911Help, was released. It incorporated many additional features and enhancements that more effectively took advantage of certain data features intrinsic to the Windows platform.

In October 2003, initial design and development was undertaken with the idea of creating a ‘Pro’ version of e911Help.  Over the next few months, many, many design ideas and data-handling strategies were devised, tested, and often abandoned. Finally, in the Spring of 2004, a solid platform began to take form. During the next few months, the overall design began to develop a workable shape and form. As work neared completion, a huge amount of tweaking and finalizing of details was accomplished, based largely on exhaustive testing and on feedback from a very few selected real-world users who agreed to beta-test the software.

Finally, in late August 2004, e911Pro was released.  The upgrade included a complete visual re-design, a total revamping of the underlying data structure, many additional features, enhanced options, expanded choices, etc.  The latest version is called 911CAD-Pro, which was released in Augusr 2009

Many previously licensed users of 911Help and e911Help immediately ordered the upgrade, which is offered at a significant discount to those who already owned a prior version.  This same policy applies to Micromation customers who  currently have E911 Pro, and wish to upgrade to  911CAD-Pro

Most surprisingly, the software is priced at less than 1/5th of its commercial value. This is an intentional business decision by MICROMATION. From the very beginning, 911CAD-Pro and its predecessors were meant to be the ”ultra economical” answer to a computerized Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) software system. It was intended to be a low-cost, yet powerful and practical CAD software program that could be run on any desktop PC, affordable by the enormous numbers of small public-safety agencies that did not have mainframe access and the accompanying resources to afford comparable software that typically cost more (sometimes much more) than R15,000 to purchase and maintain. Today, 911CAD-Pro is without argument the most powerful software of its kind that you can buy.

* Please note that this is the "Do it Yourself" cash-up-front Internet sales price.     This price includes the 911CAD-Pro Software, suitable for Windows 98, 2000 and XP, as well as a System Manual with System Set-up Instructions in electronic format.  The price includes telephonic  and email help from Micromation.

Systems installed on customer's premises by our software staff will include time and travel costs.

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Overview of the Incident Board

Incident Board

The Incident Board displays an always-current row by row listing of all incidents, including

Date/time call received

Current call status

Type of call

Location of the call

Unit assigned to the call 

Any one row on the Incident Board can be expanded to a Call Card display that provides complete information concerning that call.

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Overview of the Unit Board  

Unit Board

The Unit Board displays a row by row listing of units.  Each row displays a given unit’s

Unit designation

Beat/Area assigned

Type of call (if on call)

Location of the call (if on call)

Duration of the call (if on call)

The Unit Board also functions as a work roster of all units, whether on- or off-duty, working for your agency.  You can list and arrange up to 300 separate units on this board, grouping them in any manner you wish.  Any unit listing can be toggled as being on-duty or off-duty.

These two main boards, the Incident Board and the Unit Board, continuously interact with and update each other to provide you with complete and up-to-the-moment information, giving you an overall grasp of ‘what’s happening’ with just a glance at the screens.

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Overview of the Contact Management Board 

Contact Management

e911Pro has a large text pad dedicated to maintaining ‘contact’ information of names, phone numbers, and other information that need to be quickly available in order to enhance your effectiveness as a Call-Taker and Radio-Dispatcher.

This specialized text pad can hold up to the equivalent of 35 pages of information, and includes a ‘Search’ function so you can find any particular item instantly.  The default Contact Management text pad contains dozens of actual names and contact numbers of federal agencies and national private organizations that can be used as a starting point for a Contact Management Board customized to the needs of your particular organization.

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Overview of the Call Card

Call Card

A Call Card window contains the complete information about a particular call. A Call Card can be displayed from a number of places, but it’s usually called from the Incident Board. You can review the complete information about that call, and edit certain text fields (which text fields can be edited depends on the current status of the call and from which section of the program it is called from).

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Overview of the ‘Program Options’ Section

Program options

e911Pro has an extensive Program Options section that includes powerful tools that allow the user agency to get the most effective performance out of the software. The most powerful option is the Address Database features that allows you to build a list of address in your area, along with pertinent information such as beat number, type of location, important related information such as owner name, contact numbers, hazardous materials information, entrance and exit points, and so on. See the applicable section later in this manual for many more details and other important information about this and other database features.

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Overview of the ‘Statistics & Summaries’ Section           

Statistics &

e911Pro has an integrated data crunching section that can search, analyze, and summarize any range of data using any search criteria you wish. 

This administrative tool allows the supervisor and manager to conduct powerful research based on the large amount of data created by e911Pro.

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Runs on virtually any Microsoft Windows as a stand alone package, or alternatively can be used on a network.

Very simple to understand and operate.

Has all the features needed for a Control Centre.

Incredibly low priced, so that everyone needing a package like this can now afford it.

Unbelievably powerful features.

Easy to load and run.

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If you would like us to email you more information on the Micromation e911Pro CAD System,  please click  action@micromation.co.za and don't forget to include your name, position, company name, plus phone number, including area code, and we will email you a e911Pro Illustrated Manual, as well as a time limited Demo copy of the software.

Please note that by asking for the manual and/or the demo copy, you are agreeing to abide by the applicable copyright laws.   The demo copy and manual are for your use only, and may not be copied or distributed in any form whatsoever by an person or persons without the express written permission of Micromation.

The product is sold on the basis of one copy per user/workstation, and each copy of the software is registered to the purchaser as well as the workstation on which the copy has been loaded.

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